Family Traditions

We cannot wait for our new baby/child to be apart of our family. We have such a large loving family ready with open arms to invite in another member of the clan to spoil, to play with, and to share in so many exciting and fun vacations, gatherings, traditions, and lake parties.


aasSince meeting each other, every year we have always taken a cruise together. We try our best to gather as many friends and family possible to go with us but sometimes it is just the two of us, either way we always have tons of fun. Johnny eats like a horse on the cruise especially loving Carnival’s Melting Cake for dessert, which he says is to die for. On the cruises, we love meeting new people and visiting paradise like islands. The first time we ever went on a cruise we were blown away by the beauty of the turquoise water, the white powdery sand, and all of the tall palm trees. We are excited to take our future baby/child on all of our adventures.

Yummy Family Recipes:

Adoption Website Photos (186x300)Johnny’s side has many family recipes that have been passed on from their maternal grandmother for years. Without fail, for each siblings birthday and even many other family get-togethers, everyone always requests the same meal: roast beef and dumplings and either the good cake (a delicious chocolatey layered cake) or lemon lime cake. As a tradition, the whole family comes together, crowding the kitchen, and helps make the dumplings from scratch. Johnny seems to be the one in charge of rolling the dough, muscling through it, rolling them as thin as possible and is always covered in flour. Everyone has their own job to do. As a newcomer, Liberty has learned early on that even though they look like homemade noodles you absolutely do not call them noodles.

Family Gatherings

1463914_782683938424859_1157259069_nLiberty’s family lives in the Pennsylvania countryside and loves to get together whenever they can. A typical day together includes: grilling out, swimming, volleyball, taking afternoon walks in the country, board games in the evening, followed by gooey delicious smores by the fire. The volleyball games are an absolute must. If someone even mentions the sport, Liberty’s sister will be the first one out the door to play no matter what the weather is (even playing in the snow in the past). We always go out of our way to bring the newest upcoming board game to play with all the kids and adults. There is a lot of fun competition among us and Johnny fits right in always wanting to win.

When Johnny’s side of the family gets together, it too is filled with many family members, kids, and even some of our niece-dogs: Cadbury and Sofia. We have all sorts of get-togethers such as grilling out, pool parties, holiday/birthday gatherings making our famous roast beef and dumpling recipe, crab feasts, board game nights, taco themed dinners, etc and soon to be lake parties at our new home this upcoming summer.


It is a great feeling to be apart of such a close knit family. There are always family gatherings, lots of kids, and loads of fun. People say that babies change your life and once you have them you cannot do what you used to do. We feel the opposite, we cannot do what we want to do because we need our baby/child to share in the moments with us. We think about all the little things too, the things people always take for granted when they have children. Yet, the little things can be some of the most exciting things and create such lasting fun memories.






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