Letter to Our Future Child

Dear Precious Little One,

It is almost impossible to begin to express the amount of love we have for you already and have not even met you yet. The bond we feel for you is overwhelming. We guess it is because we are at a time in our lives that we need you and want you more than anything.

We do not know anything about you yet. We do not know if you are a boy or girl, which makes no difference to us. We just want to have you and to shower you with so much love.

We dream about the day we finally will hold you in our arms, to see your tiny fingers and toes, to feel your heart beating on our chest, your little nose, oh how cute your little yawns will be! It will be a day like none other.

We often wonder what you will be like, look like, sound like, and what your personality will be. What color will your eyes be? Maybe they will be blue like Daddy’s or even hazel like Mommy’s. Will you have brown hair, black, red, curly, or straight hair? Either way, we know you are going to be absolutely beautiful because God made you. You will be just perfect the way you are.

Who are you Little One? Do you like playing sports, being artistic drawing/painting, or will you be into music? Will you be into computers, a social worker, or maybe you will be a nurse like Mommy? Will you be giggling all the time or making others laugh? Your Daddy is quite the silly man 🤪 and will surely make you giggle until your belly is sore.

We cannot wait to show you to the world. You already have a HUGE family who is eagerly waiting to meet you consisting of great-grandparents, grandparents, 9 uncles, 6 aunts, 20 first cousins and many more extended family members. We get together quite often and have so much fun.

We have a love for the outdoors and traveling. We have so many beautiful places to show you including some of the best crystal clear water beaches. Your Daddy cannot wait to teach you to snorkel to be able to see so many colorful fish.

Your life is a little different though. You have two mommies. One who carried you in her belly for nine months and one who carried you in her heart for as long as she can remember. She has prayed for you and asked God to keep you in His Arms and hold you till we can see you.

You are a very blessed child to have two mommies. Most kids only have one. And the beautiful part about this is we got to choose you. Most kids are just stuck with the parents they have. 😉

We cannot wait to show you our home sweet home on the lake. We just got our dream home last year and cannot wait to decorate your very own room right across from Mommy and Daddy’s room. We have a big back yard with a gigantic tree perfect for a tire swing. We have many playgrounds near our house, a big swimming pool with kiddie pool, lake, and there’s so many other neighborhood kids to play with. We even picked out the best hills nearby perfect for sledding. Oh, how we know we will have so much fun.

We want you to live to the fullest potential you have, be all that you can be, and reach any goal you set your mind to. We will do our utmost best to give you the best life possible so you will flourish.

You are wanted in our lives more than you will ever know. We love you so much already, even though we do not know where you are or even if you are conceived yet. Our love grows deeper for you each day. Please come home to us soon, Precious One. We love you.

Your future Mommy Libby and Daddy Johnny

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