Meet Johnny

Johnny (who goes by Johnny or John) grew up most of his childhood in Catonsville Maryland, a brief year in Texas, then in Sykesville Maryland. He comes from a large blended family of 2 sisters, 2 brothers, 1 step sister, 1 step brother, 9 nephews,  and 2 nieces on his side of the family. Johnny is considered the jokester of the family even laughing at his own corny jokes when no one else gets him.

In school Johnny was very athletic. He participated in gymnastics, wrestling, and football. He was part of the choir. He too, has a strong artistic side to him and attended a vo-tech school for arts and enjoys drawing. He participated in many different plays at school, church, and even acted in the “Noah” production at Sight & Sound Theatres.

He likes playing volleyball and cheering on his favorite football team (GO Broncos!!!). He has a designers eye and enjoys decorating and working on projects in his new house. He really enjoys family gatherings on the weekends doing such things as making roast beef and dumplings together and having board game nights.

He works at a floor manufacturing company performing multiple duties which includes lab testing, training new employees, and certifying new employees for using a forklift and crane. He also is the vice-president of their union. He works very hard and enjoys his job.

Johnny likes to enjoy the outdoors, by doing such things as: taking walks, hiking, going to the zoo, beach / pool / lake (whether it be enjoying his lake community he lives in or taking yearly trips to Lake Tobias), amusement parks, swimming, and sitting by a campfire under the stars. Johnny absolutely LOVES cruising and the beach – the sound, smell, boats, marine life, and beauty of the overall scenery.  He loves snorkeling and has even snorkeled with manatees and nurse sharks but hopes one day to snorkel with whale sharks. He would love also one day to buy a boat. He loves date day/night with his wife trying new restaurants, seeing a movie, trying a new escape room, visiting quaint little towns, exploring a park, and attending a dinner theater, play, or concert.

What I love about my husband (written by Libby)

Johnny is everything I could have ever prayed for in a husband. He is kind, compassionate, full of energy, and adventurous always willing to try new things. He always makes me laugh so hard and is quite the goofball. He is a true family man always planning big gatherings. He has a strong work ethic and enjoys his job. What I love the most about him is how he genuinely shows how much he loves me. Not a day goes by when he does not say how beautiful I am and how much he loves me. He is also very romantic. Even when our wedding song (A Thousand Years) comes on in the grocery store, he will grab a hold of me and start dancing in the aisles.

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