Meet Liberty

Liberty (who goes by Libby or Liberty) was born in Clarion County, Pennsylvania in the country. As a child, she grew up on what she calls a little farm with only a few farm animals (pigs, rabbits, chickens, a goat, several cats, dogs, and a pony named Buttercup). There is the saying that you can take the girl out of the country but you cannot take the country out of the girl, which is quite true. Liberty wants to instill some of those feelings into her future child’s life as having a very outdoorsy, peaceful, and fun life. She is the baby of the family and has 2 sisters, 1 brother, 4 nephews, and  5 nieces on her side of the family.

In school, she did track and field as well as cross country. She always had a passion for being creative and artistic by drawing, painting, or doing anything crafty. She loves animals and being outside whether it be walking, hiking, playing sports (especially volleyball), and running around playing with nieces/nephews.

She is a pediatric home care nurse and takes care of  special needs children for the last 13+ years and absolutely loves her job treating the kids as if they were her own.

She enjoys baking and trying new recipes as well as going out to eat at times trying new restaurants. She loves spending time with family and friends always inviting others over for big get-togethers, board game nights, cookouts, and soon to be lake side swimming at their community pool.

If it’s a rainy day, Libby could be found watching a movie, The Hallmark channel, putting a puzzle together, cooking, or watching football (Steelers). She loves the beach and especially cruising on the turquoise water of the ocean making it feel like you are visiting a place on a post card.

What I love about my wife (written by Johnny)

Libby is an amazing wife and my best friend who always stands by my side. She is sweet, compassionate, and overall betters me. She was born with an innate ability to take care of others. As a hard working nurse, she has such a big heart caring for little children. At home, she spoils me with her mouth-watering homemade dishes and I could eat her dutch apple pie every day. I love how we share so many of the same interests especially when it comes to the beach and cruising. She is absolutely stunning. I thank God everyday for being so lucky having her by my side. Overall, she’s AMAZING and really does complete me.

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